closed for this year on January, 15, 2024


The ideal applicant has strong quantitative skills and a solid background in STEM disciplines.

Necessary condition for admission is a Bachelor Degree (Laurea Triennale, or, Laurea ‘vecchio ordinamento’), with a preference in Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Statistics and Economics disciplines. Both Italians and foreigners’ applicants are welcome.

Applicants are expected to have completed their graduate requirements by December 2023. Italian applicants that have finished or are in the process of completing a Laurea Triennale Program will be considered for admission.

A Selection committee will evaluate the quality of all applications and establish a pass-list of admitted candidates based on their CV. The first 60 in the pass-list will be admitted, and admission decisions will be communicated to the applicants via email mentioned on the application form. In case of renunciation, the pass-list will be updated.

How to apply

Before applying to MDA, please read the instructions for application on the following link

To apply to MDA and have access to all digital services, prospective students must register at

After registration, you will be provided with a username and password, so you are able to log into Roma Tre University’s digital services.

Further instructions can be found in

Tuition fees for the MDA

Total amount (euro)  First installment (euro)  deadline  Second installment (euro)  deadline
2500  1500  30/01/2024 1000  31/05/2024

Tuition fees for the MDA (dipendente pubblica amministrazione)

Total amount (euro) First installment (euro) deadline Second installment (euro) deadline
2200 1200 30/01/2024 1000 31/05/2024

Students can also choose to enroll to single courses or to a single group, and will receive a certificate of attendance after successful completion of their program. The Scientific Committee can advise the prospective students about personalized programs.

Tuition fees for single courses

  Fundamentals Machine Learning CiberSecurity Social Data Analytics
  1200 840 600 1380

60 euro for ECTS; unique installment, deadline 31/01/2024

Together with the first installment, a tax of 16,62 € (imposta fissa di bollo), and the cost of the final title of 25,00 € must be paid.

Reduction in tuition fees
Graduates from any Course Degree in Mathematics or Physics from Roma Tre University will benefit of a reduction on tuition fees and may complete the subscription to Master at the price of 1200 € that may be corresponded in two installments of 600 €.

Tuition fees cannot be reimbursed in case of renunciation, neither in case of a faulty application (e.g. missing documentation).

For the academic year 2023-24, the MDA awards two general scholarships.

The scholarship fully waives the Master’s tuition fees (but not the taxes).

The application for the scholarship must be done after the application to the Master and before January 15, 2024. To apply for the scholarships compile the following form.

To be eligible for a scholarship, applicants must be admitted to the MDA. A selection committee will evaluate the quality of all applications and establish a pass-list of candidates benefiting from a scholarship based on evaluation test.

The pass-list of the beneficiaries will be published by January 22, 2024.