Salvatore Cacciola

PhD Mathematics
Data Scientist at Facebook
London, UK

Ares of Expertise:
Data Science

Salvatore Cacciola is a Data Scientist with multiple years of corporate experience and academic background.

He studied at the University Roma Tre, obtaining a Master’s degree (2008) and a Ph.D. (2012) in Mathematics, with a thesis on birational algebraic geometry.

In 2014 he moved to London (UK), where he worked as an Insights Manager at the multinational advertising agency Dentsu, and as a Data Scientist at the tech health company Babylon.

Since 2018 he has been working as a Data Scientist at Facebook, using product analytics techniques, large-scale experiments and predictive modeling to drive the understanding, growth and success of multiple products related to delivery of Facebook Ads.


Data Analysis for Business Intelligence
Business intelligence (BI) is a process that transforms raw data into actionable insights that help executives, managers and workers to make informed business decisions.

Modern companies consider BI as a fundamental tool, as they benefit from it at multiple levels. These include learning about customers behaviour, reducing inefficiencies, identifying areas of future growth. In this course, I will cover a number of key topics within the spectrum of Business Intelligence, with a focus on real-world applications, including:

  • Reporting: Metrics & Key Performance Indicators, principles of data visualization, dashboarding;
  • A/B testing: experimental designs, analysis, interpretation of results;