Lucia Morganti

Short Bio:

Lucia Morganti, PhD in Astrophysics,  is working as a Researcher in Technology at CNAF, the INFN National Center dedicated to research and development on IT technologies, located in Bologna, Italy.After 4 years in the User support team (2012-2016), she joined the Data Handling group of the Tier1 datacenter for the experiments of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Within this group, she is responsible for the operations of the data management services.


Data Processing
The course will provide knowledge of Infrastructures for processing and managing Big Data and for running scientific applications. The building blocks of modern Data Centers will be presented, together with the main technologies underlying data management, data transfer and data processing.

  1. From your laptop to a datacenter,
  2. Data management and data transfer services,
  3. Infrastructures for Parallel computing (distributed systems, Grid computing, accelerators).