Walter Arrighetti

Cyber Threat Intelligence Expert

Banca d’Italia


Areas of Expertise:
Cybersecurity expert
Digital identities
Multimedia content security


Cybersecurity and Privacy Management
The ‘Triads of Security’ – terminology in information security and hacking – principles of privacy and data protection – the European GDPR: an overview – privacy by design and by default – rights of the data subject – data controller, data processor and DPO – supervisory bodies – security controls’ classification and example – hacking techniques and data breach – elements of cloud security – examples of outstanding data breaches and security incidents.

Digitalization for PA: Case Studies
Methods and tools for the production and transmission of digital documents: 1) Regulatory framework: Code of digital administration (CAD), European regulation eIDAS, AgID guidelines on the formation of IT documents, 2) Electronic signatures, digital signature, digital identity, digital domicile, certified e-mail and other certified and qualified electronic delivery services. The integration of management platforms. Single sign-on, web services, and application connectors. The digitization of flows. Case studies: shared PEC and digital registration of documents; Cycle of authorization, digital signature and digital  registration of documents.