Flavio Lombardi

Responsible for Artificial Intelligence
Institute for Applied Computing (IAC), Rome
National Research Council of Italy

Areas of Expertise:
Artificial Intelligence
Distributed and Cloud computing

Short Bio:
Flavio Lombardi is a lecturer in the IT area with more than 10 years of experience at the Department of Mathematics and Physics of the Roma Tre University. He is responsible for Artificial Intelligence activities for the IAC-CNR. He is member of the TAILOR European project on Trustworthy AI, and organizer of the AIM Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics cycle of seminars at IAC-CNR. 

He has always been active performing research on Distributed and Cloud computing, on data analysis in search of anomalies and on the theory and performance of the most advanced programming languages. 

Languages for Scalable Data 

Introduction to Data Science, Fundamentals of Programming Languages, Model selection and evaluation, Cloud Storage and Computing, Distributed Storage and Computing, Multithreading, Parallel and Distributed Algorithms.  

Conceptual introduction to the ideas behind extracting information and knowledge from massive amounts of data. Practical hands-on introduction to programming and data manipulation tools such as version control tools, shells and scripting, IDEs. 

Installation, configuration and programming in heterogeneous PLs (Rust, Java, Scala, among others)  and actual usage for effective and fast analysis of both small and very large amounts of data.