Luciano Teresi

Professor of Mathematical Physics
Department of Mathematics and Physics
Roma Tre University, Italy


Areas of Expertise:
Continuum Physics
Soft Matter
Computer Simulations

Short Bio:
Luciano Teresi holds a MD in Aerospace Engineering, and a PhD in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from Sapienza, Università di Roma, Italy.

He is now Prof. of Mathematical Physics at Dept. of Mathematics and Physics, Roma Tre University, Italy, where he teaches the graduate courses “Linear Algebra and Learning From Data”, “Finite Elements Methods”, and “Applications of Mathematical Physics”.

His main research activity is in mathematical modeling and numerical simulations of Active Soft Matter and Multiphysics problems. He is an expert in numerical computation and simulations, and is the author of 100+ publications on international journals.


Neural Networks with MATLAB

Introduction to the powerful toolboxes of Matlab
dedicated to Machine Learning and Deep Learning through worked examples.

How to use statistical methods that enable machines to “learn” tasks from data without explicitly programming. How to design Neural networks with many layers that learn representations and tasks “directly” from data. Design of Deep Neural Net with the Matlab graphic shell. Use pre-built models for Image classification problems. Transfer Learning: Modify & reuse pre-built models.