Paola Celio

Department of Mathematics and Physics
Roma Tre University, Italy

Area of Expertise:
Object oriented programming 

Paola Celio has a Master Degree in Physycs at University La Sapienza di Roma, and has been working as IT expert at Roma Tre University since 2002. 

Paola Celio worked mainly in cosmic undergrounds experiments from MACRO at LNGS to ARGO in TIBET. During her life the computer science and in particular programming has taken an important part of her life and she has worked in private companies like AXA, SIGMA, ENGINEERING, ORACLE mainly in Object Oriented programming and of course in databases. From relational to object oriented. Actually Raspberry, Arduino and Python are my main interests.


Python Advanced I
Design of appropriate data analysis pipeline using Python. Data engineering: analysis of requirements, design of solutions, implementation and evaluation of computational and communication costs. Deployment into real-world contexts such as business companies, public sector, research and international organizations.

How to store data in relational database and basis of Entity Relationship diagrams and SQL language. Approach with a graphic tool.

Python Advanced II
Improving knowledge of python via a project that will be developed during the lessons until the end introducing more complex concepts like using of threads, recursive function, etc