Roberto Maieli

Professor of Mathematical Logic
Department of Mathematics and Physics
Roma Tre University, Italy

Areas of Expertise:
Mathematical Logic
Computer Science
Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence

Short Bio:
Roberto Maieli is Professor of Mathematical Logic (s.s.d. MAT/01) at the Department of Mathematics and Physics (DMF) of Roma Tre University with a qualification as Full Professor (Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale a Professore Ordinario nel settore 01/A1 – Logica Matematica e Matematiche Complementari).

RM has previously been Assistant Professor (Ricercatore) of Computer Science (s.s.d. INF/01) at the DMF (2004-2017), Research Fellow (Assegnista di Ricerca) at the Computer Science Department of University of Roma “La Sapienza” (2001-2004) and Post-doc Researcher at the Institut de Mathematiques CNRS de Marseille (2000-2001).


Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing 
This course aims at an introduction of the main techniques and methodologies that have as an object the extraction of “information” or “knowledge” from large amounts of data through automatic methods (algorithms). Specifically, basic notions and techniques will be introduced to perform text and data mining (in particular Sentiment Analysis over Social Networks) through the development of algorithms and programs written with Python programming language and NLTK (a Natural Language Processing Toolkit).