To successfully complete the Master, achieving the Diploma title, at least 60 credits (CFUs) are required, which can be selected among the total of 82 CFUs in the proposed classes.
Each class will have an associated intermediate exam. Such intermediate exams will consist of projects or homework assigned during the classes and/or practice sessions.
The final exam will consist in writing a paper on a topic chosen among those proposed in the modules. The final project could also consist in developing a software, an algorithm, or an architecture of an information system.


Stage and Thesis

The Master includes an internship (stage) aimed at completing and complementing education achieved in the classroom. The internship involves an applied work on one of the topics of the Master. During the internship, the student will improve and practice her/his competences in data analytics techniques and practices, possibly being assisted by professionals of the area.

The Master also requires a final thesis. The final thesis consists in a project inspired by the concrete problems faced in the area of the Master.