Antonio Budano

INFN Roma Tre

Areas of Expertise:
Cloud technologies
Distributed systems

Antonio Budano is a technologist who has been working at INFN since 2005 where he is responsible for the management of IT services and the computing cluster of the Roma Tre section. His research activity is focused on the technological study in high performance computing architectures (HPC) with particular attention to distributed systems and their scalability, whose natural evolution is towards Cloud technologies. He has participated in several national and international projects dedicated to the creation of distributed systems with Grid and Cloud technologies.


Cloud Computing
The main focus of this course is provided to students what Cloud Computing is by examining the and models of different architectures. The technologies underlying these systems and how they can be exploited and implemented will be illustrated.

– Introduction to Cloud computing
– Characteristics and models of Cloud architectures
– Virtualization and Containers system
– How to use Cloud Computing
– How to build a Cloud system