Severino Bussino

Professor of Physics
Department of Mathematics and Physics
Roma Tre University, Italy

Areas of Expertise:
Data Analysis
Monte Carlo simulations
Software development

Short Bio:
Experimental scientific activity in the field of Astroparticle Physics, with a special interest for Data Analysis, Monte Carlo simulations and Software Development.

During the 90′ I worked at the MACRO experiment, a big detector installed in the underground laboratory of Gran Sasso. The analysis and interpretation of the collected data required a devoted software and the development of specific Monte Carlo simulation.

In the following years I worked within the ARGO-YBJ collaboration, an Italian and Chinese experiment installed at Yang Ba Jing in Tibet, China. The huge amount of collected data required a devoted development of analysis code and I was involved in writing the analysis code for the experiment. The code was written in C++ programming language, really something new in this field of physics, and the use of this new strategy allowed us to manage an huge amount of date, accessible to a large scientific community in different regions of the world.

The last step of my activity, always in the field of Astroparticle Physics, is oriented toward the new generation of experiment devoted to the search for Dark Matter, really a new frontier, that will again require the development of new solutions for Computing and Data Analysis.


Python Basics
Python as a programming language. Variables and Expressions. Iteration and Conditional Statements. Data Containers: List, Ntuple, Set, Dictionary. Basics of Object-Oriented Programming Strategy: Classes, Attributes, Methods. Object-Oriented Programming with Python. Class Inheritance. Examples and Applications.