Stefano Maria Mari

Professor of Experimental Physics
Department of Mathematics and Physics
Roma Tre University, Italy



Areas of Expertise:
Data Analysis
Computer Simulations  

Short Bio:
Stefano Mari is a Full Professor of Experimental Physics in the Department of Mathematics and Physics at the University Roma Tre, Italy; he has a Ph.D. in Physics. 

During his professional development he worked also at the Bonn University, at the DESY Research Center (Hamburg) and at the Cern Research Center (Geneva, CH). He is chair of the IT Division in the Department of Mathematics and Physics and head of the Computing and Data Management for different International Collaborations devoted to research in the Physics field.  At Roma Tre he has taught different undergraduate data analysis courses. 

His research focuses on different topics, including data analysis and data management, statistical analysis,  and Monte Carlo simulations. Statistical inference for complex data structures is also SMM’s research interest. 


Basic Statistics
The demand for skilled data scientists in academia, industry and public administration is rapidly growing. This course train you to face the first steps to real-world data analysis. The program covers concepts such as probability, regression, inference, Bayesian inference. Uncertainties in the data analysis are also addressed through Probability and Statistics basic concepts. You will learn the basics of statistical inference to compute p-values and confidence intervals and to understand the meaning. In each micro-module, we use motivating case studies. By using Python, you will learn statistical and probabilistic approaches to understand and gain insights from data. Python programming examples will be provided to make an easy connection between theory and implementation.  

Details can be asked to Stefano Mari by e-mail.